Music Ministry

About Our Music Program:

Brick Meetinghouse Singers and Ringers currently under the direction of Music Director, Kyle Trombley.

From mid-September to early June, choir rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings before worship, except on those Sundays the bell choir performs. 

Handbell Choir rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m., immediately after vocal choir rehearsals. The bell choir performs on average once a month and will rehearse at 9:00 a.m. the Sunday they are scheduled to play.

The choirs always welcome more voices and hands to sing and/or ring in the Vocal and/or Bell Choir at any level. If you can't commit for the whole year, please feel free to join us for a few weeks for the Holidays - we would love to have you! 

Come see the Sonntag Jazz Trio in concert here at the church this Saturday! 

About Our Music Director:

Growing up in the Monadnock region, Kyle R. Trombley has been involved in the performing arts as a Collaborative Pianist, Baritone and Organist. He recently graduated from Keene State College earning degrees in both Music & Computer Science. Kyle is a First Prize winner in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Upper College-Age Classical Division, recognized New Hampshire Art Scholar and member of the National Music, Computer Science, and World Language Honors Societies. He is a recipient of the KSC Music Talent Scholarship, the Carroll Lehman Award for Excellence in Vocal Music, among many other university and community scholarships. 

Kyle’s acclaim as a Pianist, Organist and Baritone spans North America, Europe, and Australia. He has extensive experience in semi-professional work, performing in local halls and theatres throughout the Monadnock Region, and professional work. His appearance in professional events range from score arrangements for Broadway musicals (notably: Me, Myself and Jill, Session Girls) to performances at highlight venues such as the Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall (US), Münsterkirche St. Alexandri (DE), Guildhall (IE/UK), and the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (AU). He is most known for his active musicianship and performances with Monadnock Music, Zenith Ensemble, Keene Jazz Orchestra, Monadnock Wind Ensemble, New Hampshire Philharmonic, and as Music Minister/Organist at the First Congregational Church of Swanzey. In the past, Kyle has worked closely with the Raylynmor Opera Co., MoCo Arts, and utilizing his versatile nature in the arts, has been called upon for roles that require assistant direction, stage direction, and musical direction in musicals and small choral ensembles alike.

Active Memberships: The National Association for Music Education (NAfME), American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), American Guild of Organists (AGO). 

For more information about Kyle and his professional music experience, visit his website at: 

Interested in Taking Lessons? 

Our Music Director offers Piano, Voice and even beginner Organ lessons here at the First Congregational Church of Swanzey. If you're interested in studying either of these instruments with Kyle, please reach out to him directly at

Summer Music: 

Our Music Ministry hosts concerts, recitals, and special music during Sunday Services over the summer while choir is not in session. We are so thankful for the donors who make bringing in special music throughout the summer possible. If you would like to donate to the way of the Music Ministry, to ensure that we can continue to provide music at the highest quality, you can donate here and write in the message/memo "Music." 

Want to hold a recital or a concert at the church? We'd love to have you! Please be in touch with our Music Director, Kyle Trombley, at

"[These] performances are great. Music in our community is a must! It is also a great way to give young performers a chance to play for an audience." 

Our Sixth Annual Spring Benefit Concert June 9, 2024
Our Fifth Annual Spring Benefit Concert June 11, 2023
Our Fifth Annual Holiday Benefit Concert December 18, 2022
Our Fourth Annual Spring Benefit Concert June 12, 2022
Our Third Annual Holiday Benefit Concert December 22, 2019

About Our Annual Benefit Concerts:

The singers and ringers of the First Congregational Church of Swanzey perform two benefit concerts a year. We have additional singers, and instrumentalists that perform with us as well that range from all different ages and styles of music. Our two concerts comprise of a Holiday Benefit Concert performed in December and a Spring Benefit Concert in June. All of the musicians are volunteer, and musicians range from middle school to collegiate levels, which allows for them to take part in a great collaborative performing experience here at the church. Nurturing the growth of young musicians is something we continue to take pride in! 

Our concerts are by donation, and all proceeds go directly towards the music program in the form of new music, refurbishment of our handbells, robe & folder repairs, piano tunings, organ maintenance, summer musicians, and other related costs that we encounter throughout the year. Every donation is crucial to keeping our music program at its highest level. 

This year's benefit concert will be held on Sunday, June 9 at 2pm. Doors will open at 1:30pm. Donations will be gladly accepted at the door. We hope to see you there, for a wonderful afternoon of holiday music! 

Questions about, or want to participate in the concert? Email our Director:

Benefit Concert Survey 

Testimonials of Our Music Program: 

"I love to sing as most people do. When I sing in church, I'm singing to God. It fills my soul with love, happiness and joy that I can share. Music to me in any form, is a gift from God that lifts our spirit and shows a beauty that only God can create." ~ Sandy Bryant

"Singing and music has been a part of my entire. It has been hard not to sing during COVID. The choir experience is the ultimate team experience that I hope the congregation enjoys. We have to listen to one another and try to make the music as of one." ~ Betty Tatro

"Singing at the First Congregational Church of Swanzey has given me a feeling of joy and peace. I have met new people by singing and performing in a spiritual setting. I am thankful for this opportunity that the church has given me." ~ Gail Parsons

"Being in the choir is a great joy. I am able to learn more about singing, and improve my ability to sing. It adds more joy to sing for God, as well as everyone else." ~ Jen Thompson

Donate to the Music Program: 

Feeling generous and would like to give more than just a donation? You can help the music program by sponsoring an item, or multiple items! 

We are in need of several items, anywhere from low-cost to high cost. Low-cost items consist of items such as music folders and pencils, and high-cost items include sponsoring musicians or equipment needed by the music program in the given year. Specific items we need assistance with, can be found on the right hand side. 

If you plan to sponsor an item for us here at the church, please indicate which item you would like to sponsor in the message/memo field when you make your contribution. We appreciate all donations, large or small - without a doubt your contributions, no matter the monetary size, help our program. For that, we thank you for helping our program grow! 

Put Your Business In Our Paperback Program

If you are a business, that has received or filled out paperwork regarding advertisements in the Annual Holiday/Spring Benefit Concerts, please continue to the PayPal donation button on our Donate Page, and be sure to include in the message/memo that your payment is for the advertisement. If you did not recieve our paperwork, but would like to sign up to put your ad in our program, click here. Thank you for your generous contribution, and we hope to see you at this years concerts! 

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