Church Building


The present church building, the Brick Meetinghouse, was erected in 1836 by Virgil Woodcock for a sum of $2,000.00.  This building was completely surrounded by brick and the roof was covered with slate. It included a steeple, belfry and bell. Horse sheds were built on the site of the current Friendship Hall. When this building was finished, it marked the first time in Swanzey when there were separate buildings for religious purposes and municipal purposes.

In 2013, there became a need for major outside work to the buildings.  New siding was put on all non-brick parts, some of the brick parts of the church building were replaced or repaired, and as two spires had come down off the steeple, a new steeple also became necessary.  This work began in May, 2014 and was completed during the summer of 2014. 

In 2023, we added a handicap ramp into the south entrance of Friendship Hall.  In 2024, we replaced the ramp at the front of the brick meetinghouse building.